My Mom is Really Savvy About Those Electric Rate Contracts and Deals

My mom told me that some guys were in her neighborhood trying to sell her a different energy plan for her electricity. She said they had some high pressure sales tactics. Fortunately, mom is savvy enough to look at the facts. She had went to a site I had recommended to her a few months before. She reads the fine print. She wanted a fixed rate per kilowatt hour plan for her electricity. These guys were selling a variable rate that was a couple of pennies cheaper per kilowatt hour.

The thing about the variable rates is that they can suddenly go up, and they can go up pretty far. You pay slightly more for a fixed rate, but it is stable until you change it. Most energy contracts have a length of time you have to keep them. Plus, some have a minimum usage requirements. That is where you have to use a certain amount of kilowatt hours to get the plan price. Mom picked the rate she wanted after reading all of the fine print. She worked for a lawyer until she retired, so she can read a contract fast and make sense of it even faster.

She is saving the maximum amount of money on her electric bill based on what she wants. She wanted a fixed rate, no minimum usage and no set contract lengths. The one those guys were offering was variable, had a minimum per month usage requirement for electricity and a two year contract length. Reading the fine print helped mom to not fall for the high pressure tactics. Those guys just quote the price you pay per kilowatt hour without revealing the rest of the details you need to know as a consumer to make and informed decision about what electricity plan to go with.

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